Care Instructions





We recommend regular machine washing, with cold water, liquid detergent in the gentle cycles for your Showers Pass® apparel. Regular washing helps to maintain breathability, water repellency and good zipper function.  You can wash your jacket every other month or as needed.  Your nose is a good indicator of when the jacket needs to be washed.  Nikwax Tech Wash or a gentle liquid detergent that is free of dyes, or fabric softeners is recommended, always wash with cold water and hang dry.  Failure to wash your jacket as needed can void the Warranty.

If you have a really tough stain, spot cleaning with liquid dish detergent can help.  Never use bleach or harsh chemicals to clean your jacket.  It is a good idea to wash all new garments before wearing with your Showers Pass® outerwear as colors on new jerseys can bleed and stain your jacket. 

After a few seasons of hard use it's a good idea to treat your Waterproof  jacket with NikwaxTX direct Spray on treatment.  This will make the face fabric of the material repel water better.