Showers Pass VelEau 42 Hydration System

VelEau 42 Bicycle Mounted Hydration System




The Showers Pass® VelEau™ 42 is a unique, bicycle-mounted hydration system, designed specifically for mountain, road, triathlon, touring and recreational cycling. The VelEau Hydration System eliminates the need for a cumbersome backpack-style hydration pack; and is a safer and more easily accessible alternative to traditional down-tube mounted bottles.

More water, less hassle

VelEau™ was invented by an engineer and avid cyclist who, as he was preparing for a grueling 100-mile mountain bike race in the heat of summer, was faced with the choice between a single water bottle and a hot and sweaty hydration backpack. He decided to develop something better: 42 ounces of water, with the weight off his back. VelEau 42.

A revolutionary concept

The VelEau™ Hydration System fits securely under the saddle, and employs two patented retractable reels to allow the rider safe, easy access to the hydration tube bite valve. The reels use a tough 3-ply nylon parachute cord, tested to over 180,000 cycles; and two superstrong magnets to automatically return the tube to its proper position. In short: a safer, easier solution to staying hydrated.  Weighs 16 oz.

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Installation Instructions

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Technical Specs

• Quick and easy Installation
• 120cm medical-grade, 90A durometer polyurethane tube can be cut to fit most bikes
• Dishwasher safe 42oz bottle is fully recyclable, and made of food-grade HDPE
• Magnetic reels with 3 -ply nylon parachute cord, tested to over 180,000 cycles
• 32 Cubic Inches of storage in the integrated seat bag






We strive to make VelEau as universally compatible as possible. It is designed to fit any bike with at least 4 inches (10 cm) of exposed seatpost and standard seat rails. 10 minutes and a pair of scissors is all you’ll need to custom fit the VelEau 42 system to your bike.