VelEau - Rider Testimonials

I Love VelEau! It was key to hydration at the BC Bike Race, and saved me in the scorching-hot desert at the Intermontane Challenge. Quick transitions at feedzones. It is truly the epic racers hydration system.
Sue Butler
Hudz-Subaru Team
Professional Mountain Bike Racer & winner of the 2009 Intermontane Challenge

Before VelEau, my small bike frame made it difficult to carry sufficient water for long rides. I would also struggle to get my bottle back into the cage without taking my attention from the road. Now that I am equipped with VelEau, I no longer need to ration my water and can stay hydrated effortlessly. Thank you!
Jennifer de Boer - Portland, OR

What I like most about VelEau is that it provides a practical solution to my cycling hydration needs. On a recent trip down the Oregon Coast I was able to use it with ease. It was especially useful on the long slow grinds up the hills and I could use it frequently and easily taking many small short gulps rather than less frequent, larger drinks as I used to do with a conventional water bottle. I think this is a better way to hydrate. I was able to keep my eyes firmly on the road and got so that I could both reach for and return the bite valve without ever even looking for it. One person in the group did suffer some dehydration issues and I believe it was directly due to the fact that he could not retrieve his water bottle while riding and therefore, didn’t drink enough (only when he stopped).
Jeff Igelman - Corvallis, OR

The VelEau design is elegant, simple, and superior to anything I have seen on the market. The ease of use makes all the difference in keeping me sufficiently hydrated. There is No going back after riding with VelEau….. I am hooked!
Dehydration is the enemy!
Mark Gersten - Seattle, WA

I raced all season with the VelEau and can honestly say it is well thought out and works great. Riding with basically nothing on my back anymore and just a gel flask in my pocket was really nice. I think it made a big difference in not having as much back pain at the end of the races. It holds just about the right amount fluid for a hard expert distance cross country race and is really fast and easy to top off at an aid station at the longer events.
Scott Carroll – Corvallis, OR

I have used the VelEau for the past summer without any problems. I end up drinking more during my rides and can go farther.
Dr. Steve Yenne – Salem, OR

The system has been great! After the last race I transferred it from my SS29′r to an old fixed gear single speed that I use on my Kreitler rollers to train for track. If you have ever ridden rollers you know that balance, or lack there of, can be a challenge. It’s nearly impossible to pull a bottle from a cage without loosing it. I tried setting a bottle on a stand next to me, but reaching for it and drinking while pedaling @ 100 RPM on the rollers is still an adventure. With VelEau it’s a cinch.
Robert Yerex – Sandy, OR

Thanks to the VelEau hydration system, I was able to do all 4 mountains in a single ride, totally unsupported. The system did its job and held up under very extreme conditions.
Mark Proia – Rochester, NY

I am using the VelEau on my 4100 mile trip cross country trip from the West coast to Portland, Maine. The VelEau enables me to easily drink 3-4 liters each day as I ride without stopping each time and without carrying water on my back. As a recurrent cancer survivor with chronic kidney disease, this ease in hydration is critical for me to be able to do this long trip. Without it I would not be able to drink enough while riding and thus would be susceptible to kidney infection. It was straightforward to attach to my bike and is easy to use.
Katie Gibson – Bozeman, MT

There is no way I could have completed the 2009 RAMROD (Ride Around Mt. Rainier in One Day) without my VelEau. That day was scorching hot (100 degrees) and two water bottles weren’t nearly enough to last me the 35 miles between stops. The VelEau fixed that problem and also allowed me to sip more frequently then I would from a bottle in the pacelines, keeping me better hydrated.
Jason Ord – Portland, OR

I recently got a bike with only one bottle cage. So for rides longer than an hour or two, I need another way to carry water. For someone who can’t stand riding with a pack on my back, the VelEau has been a lifesaver. I love that I never have to mess with it – it stays on my bike and I just fill it up when I’m ready to go. No fussing with bladders, etc. The pocket is also the perfect size for a Big Air CO2 cartridge, a tube and lever so my pockets are free to carry other stuff. Really easy to use and the answer to the one bottle cage bike!
Sarah Kaufmann – Ogden, UT
Ultra Endurance Mountain Bike Racer


The Veleau system is awesome!! I have to admit, I was a little bit skeptical of having the additional water weight so high on my bike. Well, I was mistaken. I barely noticed the system was there.

 I decided for my first ride with it that I was going to throw nearly everything at it: downhills, jumps, berms, log rides, both slow and fast technical sections, etc. The Veleau system easily passed my tests. The system doesn’t move/slide around, it stayed in place rock solid. It did not negatively affect the performance/handling of my bike.

 I am really impressed with the system and think it will be an advantage for my upcoming race. It will be great to get my hydration pack off my back and also avoid the distractions of reaching below my down tube for a bottle. Awesome product!!!

Todd Cejka - Jacksonville, FL

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