Sleek, Aerodynamic, and Stable

What if you could double your bike’s water carrying capacity for those longer rides? Or what if you don’t feel comfortable reaching down for a water bottle while hammering in a paceline? We’ve all been there. No one wants to hit the pavement because one rider in the group is looking down or fumbling for their water bottle. Races have been lost and riders have been injured by jettisoned water bottles.


Many new full-suspension mountain bikes smooth out the bumps and save our backs but all that suspension hardware takes up space that was formerly occupied by bottle cage mounts. VelEau was invented by an engineer & cyclist who was preparing for the grueling 100 mile Cascade Creampuff MTB race – in the middle of July. With only 1 bottle cage mount on his Ibis Mojo, he had the option of wearing a hot, restrictive hydration backpack for the 10+ hour ride or coming up with something better.

Safe, Easy Access

We designed VelEau with two patent-pending retractable magnetic reels that allow the rider to safely and easily access the bite valve. The reels use a tough 3-ply nylon parachute cord tested to over 180,000 cycles and two strong magnets to keep the tube from flopping around. Pull. Drink. Replace. It’s that simple!

The All-in-One Solution


Your tools and nutrition will still have a home in the roomy storage pocket and your light can easily come along for the ride. The rugged outer pack boasts a sleek look and durable ratchet strap for getting it snugged tightly against the saddle. No need to carry a sweaty backpack or stuff your jersey with extra water bottles!