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Nothing is worse than cold wet hands on a bike ride. Our Women’s Waterproof Cycling Gloves have been developed and refined with years of experience and real world testing in rainy Portland, Oregon. Designing rain gear that will keep you comfortable while riding in wet weather is our specialty. Our Women’s Waterproof Cycling Gloves are backed by a 1-year Guarantee.

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  • Be Seen

    We know how important visibility is when you're riding at night or in the rain. The 3M reflective trim on our Women's cycling gloves will help you be seen on the road by cars, pedestrians, and other riders.

  • Stay Dry – Without Overheating

    As leaders in technical cycling outerwear, we don't let rain get in the way of our cycling. We select fabrics that are durable, and have a high waterproof and breathable rating so you don’t get wet or overheat when wearing our cycling gloves. We believe our line of waterproof accessories offers the best-in-class fabrics and features at every price level.

  • Versatile Outdoor Use

    Our Waterproof Gloves were designed for Cycling but they work well off the bike too. Whether you need gloves for hiking in the rain, or lightweight gloves for warm cross country skiing conditions, we’ve got you covered.

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