LapelEau Product Shot



LapelEau fits on any Hydration backpack and makes reaching for your tube a breeze. The patented magnetic retractable reel technology of the VelEau system; for runners, hikers, and those who prefer a hydration backpack. The LapelEau connects easily to backpack straps – or any webbing – keeping the hydration tube close at hand and under control.

The unique patented VelEau reels are made in the USA by the original inventors and manufacturers of the classic badge reel used for decades to secure employee badges, key rings, bottle openers, and fishing gear. To keep the drinking tube from flopping around on your pack we added rare earth neodymium ring magnets on the tube clip providing just enough retention force to keep tube where you want it.

These are strong magnets. Keep them away from cell phones, credit cards, and electronics!