Necessity is the Mother of Invention

The idea for VelEau was hatched when engineer and avid cylist Frank Bretl faced the challenge of staying hydrated on the epic 100-mile Cascade Creampuff mountain bike race. His new 5″ dual-suspension bike, the Ibis Mojo, like other full-suspension bikes on the market, offers one ’suicide’ bottle cage inaccessibly sandwiched between the downtube and front tire. Can you say dangerous reach and muddy bite valve?!

Not wanting to wear a stifling hydration backpack on a hot summer day for 9+ hours, Frank teamed up with friend/engineer/cyclist/MBA Mark Proia to develop VelEau, a solution to the bicycle hydration dilemma. They wanted to make a safe and easy hydration system system that also carried tools and nutrition while blending in with the fine form of the bicycle. Whether it’s your city commuter, your all-mountain ride, or your full carbon SRAM red race bike, VelEau is for everyone. 

And so they teamed up with Showers Pass to bring VelEau to all of you. 


Frank Bretl & Mark Proia, running the pit for Team Bailey Bikes at CrossVegas 2009