Straight Talk on Tubes

The Tubes aren’t straight. We do a special thermal pre-forming operation that sets the tube into a “preferred” shape that is asymmetrically specific to how VelEau works.


Reel Talk on Magnets

The unique patent-pending VelEau reels are made in the USA by the original inventors and manufactureres of the classic badge reel used for decades to secure employee badges, key rings, bottle openers, and fishing gear. To keep the drinking tube from flopping around on the bike we added two rare earth neodymium ring magnets - one on the tube clip and one in the reel housing – providing just enough retention force to keep tube where you want it. Two more magnets live in the Gravity Kit, to keep the drinking tube in place mid-span.  

  • While it may be tempting to just ‘let go’ of the bite valve and let it spring back to it’s stored position, we don’t recommend this. The hard surface coating on the magnets might chink your top tube and make you (and us) very unhappy.
  • These are strong magnets. Keep them away from cell phones, credit cards, and electronics!


Healthy Ingredients

VelEau bottles are made of fully recyclable, food-grade HDPE. The tubes are medical-grade, 90A durometer polyurethane. They are compliant under FDA title 21CFR 177.1680 and 177.2600 and also meet NSF under Standard 61. This material has been tested and meets the requirements of USP Class VI. Additionally, this material is DEHP free and RoHS compliant.